About me

My name is Mirjam Dekker. I´ve always been fascinated by how people ‘work’ and how we (can) give meaning to our lives. That’s why I chose to study psychology (VU Amsterdam, diploma: 1999). In the years that followed, I completed various other education programs, including life coaching, NLP and systemic work (constellations).

Personal and spiritual development plays a central role not only in my work, but also in my private life. My own path and experiences in life have taught me a lot as well. Ever since I was a child I 'knew' there was something else waiting for me, that life held much more possibilities and promise. And I didn´t want to keep dreaming or wishing, as happens so often .... No, I actually wanted to realize  my ideal life - and fully enjoy it! Well before the age of retirement that is ;-)

At the time I would´ve phrased it differently of course, but now I would say that I had a strong desire to become my whole self and live my full potential. As such, I also felt the need to free myself from all that held me back in that respect. My own ticket to freedom  wasn´t exactly handed to me on a silver platter though! I´ve had to overcome a lot: from the pervasive legacy of my childhood to a whole host of mental, emotional, energetical and physical struggles, including a burnout with years of aftermath.

But this isn´t about me, it's about how my story can serve YOU! You see, it is precisely because  I had to overcome all those challenges on my path to freedom and happiness, that I learned a great deal. Things that aren´t being taught in school, but should be available to everyone. And that knowledge I now pass on to you!

Travelling, all over the world, is another great passion you may always wake me up for! :-) Also, I have lived and worked abroad for multiple years: in New Zealand, Canada and Spain to be precise.

In closing, these are a few personal values that are of great importance in my work as well: positivity, connection, authenticity, humor, honesty, equality, intuïtion, freedom, courage, inspiration and adventure!



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