Your life is your own creation

¨Life doesn´t just happen to you, you are creating it¨

How do you see this? Do you feel like life is happening to you, or that you are actively creating it yourself? In other words: how much influence do you think you have on what your life looks like? Let me tell you this: that influence is much, much greater than you think!

Are you reacting or creating?

In essence, there are two ways to approach life: as a reactor or as a creator. In the first case, you are mainly reacting to your circumstances. You do this because, on a certain level, you believe that you are at the mercy of them. Whether this concerns your physical circumstances, your work, your emotions, the legacy of your past, or whatever. If you see yourself as a creator, your focus will be on actually creating  your desired reality. In this case you´ll be operating more like a captain on your own ship.

As within, so without

In actuality we´re continuously creating. Initially this happens largely subconsciously, until you learn how to do this in a conscious way. But it goes further than that, much further, and there is a lot to say about that. For now it is important to remember the following: As within, so withoutYour outside world, everything you observe on a daily basis, is a perfect reflection of your own inner world. Including all the good stuff, as well as the not so good stuff. This is because you always attract exactly those circumstances, events, people and things that match with who you are at that moment. And when I say 'who you are' I don't mean your human you, your personality. I'm talking about the deeper layers of your being: your consciousness, your energy.

Everything begins and ends with you

The foregoing may sound pretty heavy, but it's actually very good news! Because if you are the one creating and attracting everything in your world, then you yourself are also the key to change. And herein lies all your influence!
In reality everything starts and ends with you. Always. And yes, in your case just as well ;-) Even though it seems to be coming from the outside. Even though it appears like someone or something else is the cause. After all, it all springs from your  system! Once you fully realize this, you will have woken up to who you really are and what you are truly capable of.

Taking responsibility

Of course, these are no simple matters. Moreover, it´s not an easy message for most people, because it encourages you to take far-reaching responsibility for yourself and your (happiness in) life. Still, claiming your own original creative power and taking responsibility for everything in your world (and therefore in yourself) is one of the most empowering things you can do!

You are not a victim

This also means that you can no longer portray yourself as a victim. Because by doing so, you are giving away your power. And you aren´t  a victim. Not of your circumstances, not of other people, not of your past, nothing of the sort. You may not have had much choice in the past. But how you deal with that is  a choice. You can make a different choice now, at any time, and in doing so you create something different. That's entirely up to you. So make that shift in the direction of what you (do) want. Once you get the hang of it, that's when you begin to stop thinking, feeling and doing more of the same .... all those things you don´t  want anymore!


Published on: February 28, 2020 - © Luminessenz


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