Where happiness can (not) be found

Why are there such long waiting lists in the mental healthcare sector? Why do so many people in the Netherlands suffer from a burnout? Why are our lives overcrowded these days, but are we not overflowing with happiness and joy?

Busy, busy, busy

I see it mainly as a matter of focus. In our society the focus is often on the outside, on the world around us. The amount of external stimuli that (can) seduce you and pull you away from yourself has of course increased exponentially over the past few decades. Just think of the continuous flow of information on social media and the internet. Our lives have become increasingly complex and busy. In fact I should say: we've been letting it all get busier and busier. In the Netherlands I often notice how many people live according to their (full) agenda .... something that is very different here in Spain!

Doing versus Being

But if you keep being so busy in the outside world, then how much attention do you have (left) for your own inner world? And why is that so important? We may still know it somewhere deep inside, but at the same time we seem to have forgotten that happiness can only be found WITHIN ourselves. Not somewhere in the outside world .... not even in your partner or children! 
Yet all that we do nowadays seems to have become more important than who we are. And if you don't give priority to the latter, it's not surprising that at some point you notice you‘ve been drifting away from yourself. That you’re (no longer) in contact with your own essence and power. 

Tinkering on the outside

Seeking your own happiness outside yourself can manifest itself in many different ways. An example. If you don't feel happy, you probably have a tendency to start fiddling with your physical reality. A change on the outside will solve the problem, or so you think: 'Once I do X or have Y, then I will be happy'. But that really is an illusion. Such an intervention only serves as a lightning rod. Changing jobs, for example, while deep down you actually want something different. For a while you may indeed feel better in your new place because you get some new impulses again, but in the undertone nothing changes. As long as your own consciousness doesn’t change, a change on the outside won't matter either. The desire or problem you experience will just continue to exist. Which means you soon get to embark on yet another search :-(

The importance of inner work

Until you start increasing your awareness and entirely different possibilities reveal themselves! By developing your consciousness you can make leaps and bounds that really bring you closer to your sense of happiness. That's why working on yourself is so important! And not just as a final item on the list, in case you have some time left in your agenda ;-)
This inner work is exactly what I have been involved in for more than 20 years, both professionally and personally. I have helped many people to raise their consciousness, (re)discover their own potential and create a life full of joy, freedom and fulfillment.

Would you like that too? And could you use some help with that? Then browse my website to see what I´m currently offering!


Published on: October 28, 2019 - © Luminessenz


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