Everyone has a life mission

What is a life mission?

We all carry a unique life mission inside of us. This mission gives meaning to our life, and refers to what you want to manifest during your lifetime on earth. Your soul has chosen this purpose before you were born. And it's up to you to fulfill this mission, here, now.

Someone’s life mission is always connected to and benefits the greater whole. It contains an element of service in that it will help others, in addition to yourself. How aware are you of your own life mission? What have you, as a unique individual, come here to do? How would you like to add value to the world? What is it all about for you?

Our soul never forgets

Although your mission can be found inside you, chances are you’re not (well) connected to it anymore, as children can still be. As we progress through life we gradually lose contact with our true nature, our essence, and the same thing happens with our mission. Not knowing why you have come here, what your unique contribution is and what you want to add to the world means a loss of true perspective. Which can have a host of negative consequences, ranging from confusion, dissatisfaction, unrest and a lack of happiness or fulfillment, to severe mental and physical health issues like a burnout. Sadly, this has become a reality for a large number of people. Fortunately though, our soul never forgets our purpose!

Your life mission as a compass

Rediscovering your life mission is of immeasurable value. If you have no knowledge of your mission then you’re essentially missing direction, making it harder (if not impossible) to establish a suitable course for yourself. Also, if you don’t know where you’re headed it’s harder to even start moving. I often see my clients struggling with this. Once your life mission becomes clear however, you have a compass that helps you navigate and make appropriate choices for your life. The challenge is to remain focused on the things that support your mission, instead of choosing the ‘safe’ route ...

True empowerment

If your life is not aligned with your mission - because you don’t know your mission (yet) or you experience obstacles on your path - energy will start leaking away. Whereas a great amount of energy will be released when you start fulfilling your mission. In doing so, you’re letting your light shine on the world. This will not only greatly empower you, but also render you of the highest value to others. Furthermore, once you start leading your best life, the life that truly suits you, you will start experiencing true happiness, joy, fulfillment and inner peace!

Taking your own place

So it is of great importance that you start doing what you came here for. That means taking your own place in the world, which only you can do! By living your mission you are being true to yourself, as well as to the life you were given. Once you begin fulfilling your mission, you’ll find that the universe is supportive of your purpose. Everything you need - people, material things and so on - will start flowing to you. Pieces of the puzzle suddenly fall into place, you’ll start buzzing with energy, noticing opportunities that you otherwise may have missed …


In surrendering to your mission you surrender to life itself. That also means you don’t have to struggle or suffer as much. Instead, you can allow yourself to be carried by the natural and magical flow of life itself. Who wouldn’t want that? That isn’t to say, of course, that things will always go perfectly smoothly. Sooner or later you’ll encounter some obstacles on your way, which may pose a challenge. All in all, living your mission takes a great amount of courage and self-confidence. It can be pretty scary to finally start doing what you really want to do! I also know that from personal experience. But there isn’t much, if anything, that is more rewarding …

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Published on: September 29, 2017 - © Luminessenz

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