Hello freedom seaker!

Welcome to Luminessenz, an alternative platform for Travel & Self-Development.

To get right to the point: these are the two most important pillars in my own life .... and if you´re reading this, chances are that you are also into travel and/or self-development! As I see it, these not only go well together, but are actually an extension of each other. You will find that out as you read on.

For now: know that you too have the ability to change your life in the direction you desire and to create what you´re longing for. That is not a pipe dream, it is truly  possible! But whether you´re dreaming of a different life, a different way of living or are eagerly waiting for that 'new and improved' version of yourself ;-), it is and remains a journey. One without a guide or manual.

That´s why on this platform you´ll find all kinds of inspiration, information & tools you need to really lift your life AND yourself to that higher level. Because I bet you could use some help with that! Just as I would´ve liked to have had that help myself at the time.



I form the bridge between the old and the new. Because the old doesn't work (for you) anymore .... Let me show you that things can truly be different - and how! :

Authentic - Authenticity is even more powerful than love. Isn't that remarkable? Imagine yourself actually doing what YOU want and what really makes you happy, while feeling the freedom to be completely yourself and no longer adapting to outside forces (the people around you, the norm, the collective), holding back or otherwise harming yourself .... Living on your own  terms and really going your own way generates a lot of freedom (and peace)!

Spirited - Because soul is everything .... no soul, no (beautiful) life! If this element is missing or underrepresented in your life, you will always feel it. That´s why it´s so important to strengthen the bond with your own soul essence. To learn to trust - and to sail - on that beautiful, powerful compass within you. Living an aligned, inspired life is a magical sport!

Full - Most people live with the handbrake on, while fear (secretly) has the upper hand. Living life to the fullest is about expressing your full potential - as well as enjoying yourself fully, without reserve. Ultimately it´s about no longer settling for an OK, mediocre life. Because that´s definitely not what you were made for!


Truly living is not the same as merely existing .... When was the last time you felt like you were really LIVING?


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