Welcome to Luminessenz

Freedom and Happiness are your birthright - but you do have to claim it!


Anything you want is possible. I firmly believe that. And that´s not something for ´the happy few´ .... No, you too can create that inspired, free life you are longing for! And get out of the impasse you find yourself in right now. It always makes me jump for joy when my clients discover this, allowing them to 'break out'! Then suddenly so much more becomes possible for their lives ....

To get to where you want to be, you do need to know how to tap into your own inner (creative) power and wisdom. But it is perhaps even more important to learn how to transform what is limiting you. This is exactly what I can help you with. I've even made it my life's work :-)

The rest of my site will show you what I currently offer and how it works. And here you can read a little bit more about me.





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