For whom

My clients are both Dutch and international.

The issues they approach me with are diverse. For instance, it may be that:

  • you’re longing for a greater sense of joy, fulfillment and/or freedom than you´re currently experiencing
  • you want to diminish feelings of unrest/stress/tension
  • you want to clarify what you (really) want and need to feel happy 
  • you want to break certain patterns that are limiting you, like perfectionism or fear of failure for example
  • you want to know what your ´superpower´ is and what truly suits you (and what doesn´t)
  • you´re ready for a change, but are uncertain as to what the best direction is to go in and/or how to go about it
  • you'd like to develop a more positive self-image and/or more self-confidence
  • you want more insight into your own life purpose or mission - and how to express that in daily life
  • you’re experiencing pressing doubts about your career or studies
  • you want to increase/strengthen your self-leadership
  • you´re struggling to find meaning: ´Is this it, is this all there is?´

And of course there are many more possible topics! Maybe you’re not exactly sure what is going on yet, but would like to find out ....



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