How it works

´Luminous´ refers to your true nature. This incredible potential - which we all have at our disposal, but still use far too little! - is central to everything I do in my business.

I offer you a unique combination of life and consciousness coaching, psychology and (practical) spirituality. You also need to know that I work holistically, which means that we won´t just focus on the mental, emotional and physical level, but on the spiritual and energetical as well. In addition I give you the exact (practical) tools you need to move forward again!

Part of my particular 'magic' is that I´m very quick to spot the web, the root of the issue and  the possible solution(s). This allows us to get to the core quickly, while also gaining insight into the deeper layers of what you´re experiencing - which in turn allows for more lasting results.

These are some personal values that I also hold high in my work: positivity, connection, authenticity, humor, honesty, equality, intuition, freedom, courage, inspiration and adventure.

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